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Who We Are

We are an expert on Logistics Management Systems and ERP, as well as on software development for big enterprises. Hence, we are an expert among other experts.


We have the expetise on both operation side and software side with over 15-year experiences in software development and logistics. We proudly present MOLOG as one of the most advanced logistics management systems in Thailand.

Our Vision

Our vision is driving businesses into online markets, managing logistics more efficiently with higher performance, lowering the cost, so their operation staff can work happily. With our platform, we are building the best order, warehouse and transport management systems for all businesses connecting them together seamlessly.

Our Mission

We will be Southeast Asia’s number 1 platform for WMS, OMS, and TMS at affordable prices by 2026.

Our Core Values

  • Communication– All communication must be clear.
  • Team – Together as a team, we can do anything.
  • Focus – Try many things, but do just one.
  • Action – Only the hands that move build the world.
  • Passion – Love it and give it your all.

MOLOG’s Journey

Mr. Nithinunt Manowaranunn (Founder) began working with Kerry Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd, no.1 Warehouse Management Company in Thailand



Started the first version of our WMS design and development

Set up company under the name Defense Me Co., Ltd. and launched On-Premises version of WMS



Renamed WMS to MOLOG WMS

MOLOG was released in SaaS version and entered SME market



MOLOG raised its first round of funding, worth 15 million THB, from Thailand venture capital company, nVest Venture

“We promise to never stop improving.”

Mr.Nithinunt Manowaranunn

MOLOG Founder

Our Investor

N-Vest Venture is an alternative investment management firm
focusing on private equity investment under the funding of Government Savings Bank. N-Vest has invested in several
start-up and SMES in Thailand using the active management strategy with return-oriented approach.

“MOLOG is building the seamlessly connected logistics system, and that is precisely the future of logistics.”

Sarun Sutuntivorakoon - Investment Director

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