“Flash Sale” discount campaign that challenges Warehouse Management

“Flash Sale” discount campaign that challenges Warehouse Management

Cheap and good do exist

Can’t deny that before we choose to buy one product, we often have to compare quality and price between each brand to get the best product at cheaper price. That’s why stores use promotional strategy to compete with each other. Even marketplaces frequently use discount or as we called “Flash Sale” to get customer’s attention.  

Customers like us often choose to buy products during the Flash Sale, whether it’s noon, midnight, or discount campaigns launching monthly. That’s why orders tend to be overflowing from time to time.

Customer’s loving it but challenging for warehouse management!

Launching Flash Sale campaign means limited time for customers to buy products which also means limited time for delivery as well. That’s why warehouse management and logistic process need to be performed quickly and discreetly.

Of course, when there are too many orders at one point, it is difficult to control and probably leads to problems
such as

  • Order Management

Warehouses will face too many orders to manage during flash sale campaign which may cause order mismanagement and unable to make on-time delivery.

  • Delivery capability

Logistic problems may arise from drastic increase on number of products need to be delivered while there is less delivery time. Thus,  warehouses need to plan out the suitable delivery capacity.

  • Inventory Management

As the number of products to be stored increases while there is less storage time, warehouses must find suitable way to manage their inventory and improve their storages for maximum efficiency.

            Despite all these problems, there are still solutions as long as customers still enjoy purchasing products during Flash Sale and entrepreneurs still want to increase their sales volume. What entrepreneurs need is to prepare suitable inventory management procedures to support different sales volume within each month.

“Flash Sale” discount campaign that challenges Warehouse Management

MOLOG recommends an interesting approach in coping with Flash Sales campaign as follows

  1. Plan to anticipate customer demand during flash sale

Entrepreneurs should learn from the record of orders volume during each flash sale so that they can plan their inventory and manage them properly.

  1. Product quality control

Checking the quality and track the status of each product should be made top priority in order to increase accuracy in delivery and meet customer requirements

  1. Product storage and organization

Keep the product in sequence to make it easy and convenient for inspection. Moreover, keep the storage space tidy in order to prevent product lost and product damage

  1. Choice of technology

Technology and computer softwares can help manage warehouse more efficiently such as Order Management System to help collect orders from multiple channels or the use of Warehouse Management System to enhance efficient warehouse management including product monitoring and goods delivery

Warehouse Management can make good impression to customers

            Good warehouse management can reduce warehouse issues and workloads, especially, if you plan to keep old customers in the long run by giving them good impression of service and delivery that is fast and accurate. Customer satisfaction will help your business grow sustainably. 😊

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