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Our system is specially engineered for development and expansion

MOLOG is developed to be efficient and cater to future expansion of your business. We combined the current technology with future innovation under the ISO certified world standard architecture.

Flexible system supports both big and small enterprises. The system is easily expanded and solved any problem at its root cause.

Our Software Architecture


Hosting options between On Premise Hosting or Cloud Hosting

MOLOG can be installed either on-premise under your server, domestic or international cloud service, or through our SaaS service on AWS

High Data Capacity Storage

Data storage options between seperate web application and database servers

Seperate web application and database servers to support high data capacity storage

High Stability


MOLOG is installed with Load Balance and High Availabilities

MOLOG’s web application and database are installed through Load Balance and High Availabilities from Microsoft

Supported Devices

Use MOLOG on computer, tablet, and
your smartphone (both iOS and Android)

Use MOLOG on Handheld Thermal with
Android 6 and above

Use MOLOG through Chrome and
Microsoft Edge Chromium

Technologies We Used to Developed MOLOG

The Latest technologies are used to developed MOLOG for the expansion and future of your business.

MOLOG is developed as Web Application easy to use through Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Chromium. No installation.

MOLOG web application using Angular and NodeJS, the globally recognised and lastest technologies.

MOLOG can be used on any device and is supported on both iOS and Android. So you can work anywhere, even on your personal devices.

MOLOG chose Microsoft Windows Server for the Enterprise Tier Users Enterprise for the user-friendly experience, stability and high safety level.

We chose Android Application for oeration level menu for users' convenience and usability. No more complex system and unsupported problems.

MOLOG chose the most effective, cost-efficient and ease of usage server with SQL Server.

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