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for Smooth Operation 


Textile industry includes the businesses of thread, yearn, cloth, and any other products from thread. MOLOG WMS is developed to optimise your warehouse management and suitable for industry with product complexity and variety like textile.

Systematic Inventory Management

MOLOG WMS systematically manage your inventory using the combination of Barcode and RFID. This allows for product look up by different product details such as batch number, lot number, weight, lenght as well as other reqested details.

EDI Connect

MOLOG WMS through EDI allows you to connect with FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Plain Text File, JSON, SAP, Microsoft Dynamic, Oracle or even your Local ERP. This connection allows for a smooth transfer of data between the product unit and wearhouse for an efficient management and accuracy of inventory, raw material, and finished goods. 

Flexible Product Picking

MOLOG WMS allow for flexbile product picking for an effective order fulfullment. The request can be made directly on our application using Scan Pick through PDA Handheld. 


WMS MOLOG is a platform or ready-to-use software can be use on both web application and android application so you can access the data from anywhere in real-time. 

Highlight Features

Control Product
by Yard

Cycle Count Auditing

Serial Number Reading


Split Inventory

Storage Location Suggestion


Connected to TMS

MOLOG TMS is connected WMS and OMS for Real-Time order tracking status

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